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Commission on a Gender Equal Economy

About the Commission

The Commission on a Gender-Equal Economy was a first-of-its-kind, expert-led project established by the UK Women’s Budget Group. Launched in Spring 2019, the Commission has worked proactively to develop alternative economic policies to promote gender-equality across the UK.

Spirals of Inequality

This short video shows how unpaid care is at the heart of gender inequalities and therefore key to creating a gender equal economy. It demonstrates how the different elements of gender inequality are connected, and how unpaid care lies at the centre of this spiral.


Final Report: Creating a Caring Economy - A Call to Action

The final report of the Commission on a Gender-Equal Economy was published in September 2020, at a unique moment in global history. Reeling from the first wave of a deadly pandemic, perched on the precipice of a second wave, and a deep and brutal recession, there was never a better time to ask: do we really want to go back to business as usual?

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Commission Publications

UK Policy Briefing

Spirals of Inequality

Our short briefing explores how unpaid care is at the heart of gender inequalities.

Inputs to the Commission

As part of our evidence gathering, we commissioned a number of papers to be written relating to our four work strands; Work (paid and unpaid), Public Services, Social Security and Taxation, and an Enabling Environment. These papers have been written by independent authors and should not be taken to represent the views of the Commission on a Gender-Equal Economy or the Women’s Budget Group. Click on the links below to view the policy papers submitted under each of the Commission’s main work strands.

Commission Blog

Explore blogs and articles related to the Commission.

Calls for Evidence

A central part of the work of the Commission was taking evidence from experts in different sectors, including experts by experience. Here, you can view our past calls for evidence, which were separated into four sections: Public Services, Gender Equality and the Economy, Social Security and Taxation, and Transformative Policies and Practices.


Calls for Evidence – Public Services

In this call for evidence, we sought examples of innovative/transformative policies & practices relating to the provision/funding of public services.

Meet the Commissioners

The Commission is made up of experts working across sectors including representatives from non-profits, trade unions, academia, business, and journalism. Click on each Commissioner to view their full bio.

Commission Media Coverage

Our work on the Commission was featured on a range of podcasts blogs, news articles, editorials, opinion pieces and more. Click below to discover where our work was shared across a range of platforms.

Secondary Documents