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FIND Training (July)

Join us for an interactive session looking at feminist data and the cost of living in your local area. Join one session or all three.

About this event

This is a beginner level programme aimed at building confidence and capacity in accessing and using statistics. We’ll be exploring the latest figures on employment, housing, gender pay gap, and cost of living and guide you through finding your local figures to inform your feminist work.

No experience of working with data, statistics or maths is necessary.

The sessions are designed to introduce you to some of the key tools you can use to uncover inequality in your local area. There will also be time to network. We hope to promote peer learning, and build relationships with and between organisations working towards the same goal: women’s equality.

Each of the sessions is standalone, so you can join one, two or all three. Sessions will be delivered via Zoom. You will be sent the link closer to the date.

Each session is repeated, once during the day and once in the evening to allow maximum possibilities for people to attend.

In this series of introductory sessions we will focus on how to FIND information at a local level because Feminist Initiatives Need Data.

Places are limited to allow for full participation.

As you will be working with varied sources of data across the four nations, we welcome attendees from across the UK.

Session 1: Discovering Data.

Wednesday 17th July, 2024, 11am to1pm


Thursday 18th July, 2024, 6:30pm to 8:30pm

In our first session we’ll think about what data is, and how data can help us to uncover inequality. We’ll introduce you to some publicly available data. You’ll work with websites where data is published by public sector bodies. You’ll find some data that is relevant to you.

The main content of the session will be in breakout groups, working together to discover data relevant to you.

Session 2: Delving into Data.

Monday 22nd July, 2024, 6:30pm to 8:30pm


Tuesday 23rd July,2024,11am to1pm

In our second session we’ll introduce you to data about the cost of living and how it impacts women.

Your trainer will demonstrate how to find the relevant data on a range of topics including housing costs, childcare and gender pay gaps. This will be followed by a practical session where you can start using the data to find out what the situation is in your local area.

Session 3: Local Labour Data.

Wednesday 31st July, 2024, 6:30pm to 8:30pm


Thursday 1st August, 2024, 11am to1pm

The third session will introduce a tool for getting information on local labour market statistics. We’ll show you how to access the data. You’ll find data on your local area. The session is based on NOMIS, so is more relevant to participants in England and Wales. We welcome participants from Scotland and Northern Ireland, so we’ll have alternative data sources available for you to explore.

The trainer will provide a demonstration, showing how the data works. We will then have time for questions and a short break before we move into a practical session with help on hand to get started with finding data for yourself.


Contact Chevon with any questions