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About the Training and Learning Hub

The Training and Learning Hub is a crucial component of the Women’s Budget Group (WBG), hosting both the Global Partnerships and Learning (GPL) programme and the Local Data Project (LDP). While the LDP is UK-focused, engaging in UK-wide activities, the GPL collaborates with international partners. Both programmes aim to reinforce the capacity of our partners in understanding, conceptualising, implementing and advocacting for gender-responsive budgeting (GRB) at various levels.

Though the Local Data Project (LDP) and Global Partnerships and Learning (GPL) have distinct focuses, they overlap significantly in their use and understanding of data for GRB and advocacy purposes. Both programmes work towards equipping partners with the necessary tools and knowledge to promote gender equality through effective budgeting and policy-making.

The Training and Learning team offers training sessions, technical support as well as represents the WBG in different advocacy fora. We are always seeking new and sustainable partnerships both in the UK and overseas.

The Training and Learning Hub of the Women’s Budget Group is dedicated to fostering a deeper understanding of gender-responsive budgeting, supporting both local and global initiatives to drive systemic change towards gender equality through knowledge exchange and mutual learning.


Upcoming Training and Learning events


FIND Training (July)

Join us for an interactive session looking at feminist data and the cost of living in your local area. Join one session or all three.

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Training and Learning Team

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Liz Hind

Senior Local Partnerships and Training Officer