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Global Partnerships and Learning

Global partnerships with civil society groups

Global Partnerships & Learning Programme

About the programme:

We are seeking to develop collaborative partnerships with civil society organisations around the world. Drawing on our 30+ years of experience, our intention is to work with these organisations to support them in engaging effectively in dialogue with their governments to develop policies and allocate resources in ways that improve the lives of women, with an emphasis on the most marginalised women.

We recognise that this work is also a huge learning opportunity for us, to understand what organisations in other parts of the world are working on and understand the contexts they are operating in. In this way we hope to be able to build networks of solidarity and closer relationships with other organisations imagining a feminist world.

How we work:

As a small, feminist organisation based in the Global North, we understand that we occupy a place of power and privilege in a sector that has much anti-racism and decolonising work to do. As an organisation, we are committed to this process and have started our journey in doing this work. We understand our position in a global capitalist system that extracts and distributes wealth in a way that creates, perpetuates and re-enforces severe inequalities and injustices. We also understand that women’s movements are diverse in their needs, aims and demands.

In this project, we seek to work based on principles of collaborationflexibilitysustainability and solidarity.

Collaboration: We recognise that the concept of ‘training’ often implies a hierarchy between trainer and participants. We use collaborative and participatory training methods, being cognisant of those power dynamics and creating a space within which participants can drive the direction and content of the training. Where appropriate, we seek to facilitate spaces where groups and individuals committed to women’s movements, in all their varieties, can come together to share knowledge, support one another, learn from one another, and build long-lasting relationships founded on principles of exchange and international solidarity.

Flexibility: We recognise that a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work. We take the time required to understand the objectives of our partner organisation(s), and amend our contributions accordingly, recognising the limits of our knowledge and expertise.

Sustainability: We seek to ensure that the knowledge and learnings generated in training sessions is held by our partners with the view to ultimately eliminating our role as ‘trainer’. For example, this can be through ‘training for trainers’ sessions and sharing of resources (including trainer-specific resources).

Solidarity: We stand in solidarity with partner organisations who are seeking to hold their own governments to account and promote budgets and policies which will bring about gender equality. We recognise that only a global feminist movement can bring about the changes needed, and we stand shoulder to shoulder with our partners and allies across the globe.


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