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Local Data Project

UK training offered by the Local Data Project

About the programme

Local data and local knowledge are vital in understanding gender inequalities. Many of the factors such as job availability, transport and housing have a local dimension and these interact to give a complex picture of gender equality and what needs to be done to address it. The Local Data Project provides training and support for grassroots women’s organisations to access the data and make sense of it so it can inform and improve campaigns and advocacy at the local level.

FIND training – Feminist Initiatives Need Data

Using data in your reports and press releases is an important way to show evidence and strengthen your case.

Data is produced and published all the time, but the hard part is to know where to find the data that you want.

Bespoke Training

Do you have an issue that you’d like help thinking through how to use data to address it?  

You can book bespoke training sessions with us and we will help you find data and incorporate it in your campaigning. It can be very time consuming to find and understand the right data for your needs, so invest so

Be a Women’s Budget Group Data Champion

The Women’s Budget Group works in partnership with other organisations such as Oxfam and King’s College London to understand the needs of women for data and to ensure that data reflects the experiences of women. As a Data Champion, we invite you to conferences, workshops and focus groups. Data Champions help us ensure that our analyses reflect the experiences of women, we need as many different voices as possible – we need you! 

All you need to do is complete the FIND training, so you have a grounding in the possibilities and weaknesses of using data. You will then get the option to be included in Data Champion work and have the opportunity to network with other data champions to share stories, successes and ask questions. 

This course is for everyone. There is no maths  and you don’t need to be a data expert. Analysis doesn’t have to be complicated for convincing use of data, we will show you how a few simple facts can enhance the story you want to tell. We will break it down for you and provide support after the course to get you the data that you need to make a change for women’s equality.

Training and support is free to grassroots women’s organisations thanks to the support of our funders: Smallwood Trust, Trust for London and Comic Relief.

We run open sessions throughout the year or get in touch if you would like to arrange for a closed session for your organisation. We can come to you or arrange on-line sessions.

For all queries regarding training with the Local Data Project, please click here.

Local Data Project Research Briefings

Research Briefing

Access to Childcare in Great Britain

This briefing highlights key concerns regarding access to childcare in Great Britain, including availability and affordability.

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