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UK Policy Briefing

A feminist analysis of Sheffield’s plans to build back better

A policy briefing on Sheffield City Region’s (SCR) Renewal Action Plan.

Keziah Spaine


The Sheffield City Region’s Renewal Action Plan outlines Sheffield’s plans for a green economic recovery from the impacts of Covid. In this briefing, Keziah Spaine of WBG’s Research and Policy Team argues that while its detailed plans to create green, decently paid work are welcome, they fail to take the needs of women into account.

“Without careful targeting, women will be left behind.”

Sheffield City Region should set out plans for a care-led recovery that would tackle the climate crisis. It should also give more priority to removing barriers to work that particularly affect women, such as expensive childcare commitments.

“Investing in care creates 2.7 times as many jobs as investing in the construction industries.”

The briefing also calls for a focus on the needs of marginalised women, particularly those from Black and minority ethnic communities and those who have disabilities. Targeted financial support, better sick pay, more PPE provision and better mental health services would give marginalised women the tools they need to participate fully in the region’s economic recovery.

Read and download the briefing here

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