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All-Party Parliamentary Group on Sex Equality –
Poverty in the UK: how women and men fare

Monday 27th October, 4-5pm
Boothroyd Room, Portcullis House, Westminster
The ways in which poverty is discussed often makes gender issues invisible. But the roles and responsibilities of women and men, and embedded inequalities between them, can have a profound effect on individuals’ risks and experiences of poverty. This APPG meeting will discuss the evidence on the links between gender and poverty in the UK and will seek to explore how researchers and policy makers can better take gender equality into account when developing policies on poverty and social security. WBG’s Fran Bennett will be speaking on her recent report for the Joseph Rowntree foundation, co-authroed with Mary Daly, on gender and poverty.
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Worried that economic recovery is not including women?
Want to ensure that not only do women get a fair share of the famous faces on banknotes, but that women also get a fair share of the banknotes?

Women’s Budget Group assessments of UK economic and social policy

  • put the facts at your fingertips
  • show the impact of government taxation and expenditure on women’s everyday lives: access to money, jobs, public services
  • identify policies that are supportive of gender equality and women’s rights

Women’s Budget Group

  • is an independent voluntary organization bringing together over 200 researchers, policy experts and activists
  • members include academics, trade unionists, and people who work for non-governmental organizations

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